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Unicorn Arts Collective Presents: Elemental Rising | North Fork Scrapbook

The Paonia Fashion Show is back! This time the Elements are rising to the occasion. More than just a fashion show, this year The Unicorn Arts Collective is bringing a multi-media arts experience to the Paradise Theater.


Originally conceived as The District 81428 Fashion Show, created by Regna Jones, it was a staple of the community for many years. When the Paradise was sold the fashion show lay dormant and was greatly missed. In 2014 the Unicorn Arts Collective was co-founded by Chelsea Bookout and Sharon Bailey to resurrect and recreate the production. Working tirelessly, the members of the Collective have been hand crafting the endeavor of reviving a beloved community experience. “I am constantly blown away by the level of talent in the valley and the beautiful collaboration happening with this years’ show.

Read the whole article at Elemental Rising 2015 Fashion Show.

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