GJ Sentinel » Large-scale industrial activity a tough fit for Colorado’s farm-to-table capital

Large-scale industrial activity a tough fit for Colorado’s farm-to-table capital | GJSentinel.com

…The majority of the drilling jobs are temporary. Companies like SG acknowledge that they bring in outside contractors for most of the positions, which leads to no long-term benefit to our local economy.

We all want the North Fork to thrive. To many of our existing businesses, farms and ranches, and residents, a huge spike in drilling in our small valley is not a good fit, to say it mildly. We hope that like other places that started in conflict, such as Roan Plateau, we can reach a solution in the North Fork.

We do not want to be subject to the whims of global markets and energy companies. Many here are intent instead on a different path forward, and believe it is incumbent on the BLM, the state and counties, and the energy companies to respectfully consider these concerns.

For Bull Mountain that means presenting a plan that does not propose a large spike in drilling activity and does a much better job beforehand of describing impacts. For oil and gas development in general, that means accepting that communities must have more say in where, how, and when this activity occurs. Most of the North Fork agrees that new, large-scale industrial activity is a tough fit for Colorado’s Farm-to-Table Capital.

Mike Drake is the president of the Paonia Chamber of Commerce board of directors.

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